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Start with a german rythm, then brand new school of french hip hop, then libray to trip from jazz to disco then to move to Hiphop breaks and classics tracks to end our weekly selection;


Back in the sunshine

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Several weeks off but we don’t stop !

Here we go again:

Radio show of the week

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here it is. I want to thanks my old friends Blundetto, shawn lee and whyskey barons for their very groovy tracks….love your sounds !

Eclectic mood 4 real

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here it is:

2015 here we are

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1st radio show of 2015. We start with our highest auditive pleasure. Disco music, funk music, reggae disco music…in the sunshine baby !

this week we have a selection of heavy tracks by our neighbour here in Grenoble, France.

Mr Thornhill from Kaplan records. This guy is deep into disco, he’s a fantastic disco dancer, a serious disco digger, he’s a nice guy.


last episode of the radio show

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this is the end my friend….only end of 2014….we’ll be back next year with heavy tracks, sounds and goodies from all over the world. Stay tuned on non-stop Radio Nula….and ror now check dis out:

#3.6 is on

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long trip to eastern europe….cold and groovy to the max. Here are some of my favourite i brought back…..enjoy