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Episode #4.8


Episode #4.7





Chylo, the favourite hip hop guys who doesn’t have a kangol hat on, brought this mix before moving to another flat (so all records have been well packed and moved within Lyon…..) Hope he hasn’t lost one of them on the road ! play loud and bang your head Mother F**ka

street day



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Episode 40 of the Elephunkynow records radio show.

D Crates from the Louder radio show came and bring a bag full of goodies on 7 inches only….Selecta no man ! here it is:



#3.9 is available….

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Yes, we’re back after a long trip in the mountains for riding snow and liberate some heavy records in different ears.


Now we’re back and we re-start playing music on Radio NULA. Here is one of my favourite mix I’ve ever done over the last 2 years. Pure Disco BBGirls & BBoys sounds, only vinyls and two hands….go for it, play loud and….dance to the drummers beat:


#3.8 untill the 26th of February….

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#3.6 and #3.7 available for a week !

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Last Tuesday, radio Nula broadcasted two episode of the elephunky now records radio show ! that was really great !

From soul to funk, to afro style to jazz, to R&B to middle schools of hiphop, to electro shits to new skools of hip hop… enjoy

2014-02-02 11.08.06

BAAAAAAAAAAAAD Bad tunes for the week. Enjoy and play hard if you can !